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Mona Singh As Jassi
Jassi is the central character and the whole show is based on her life.Jassi had to struggle through out her life because of her odd looks. Nobody was ready to accept her the way she is. But God gives you some and some He doesnít gives.The same thing applies to Jassi because she may not have looks but has brain. She knows how to use it.
Jassiís real beauty lies in her character. She has this most unselfish nature. This huge generous heart and the patience of an angel. Actually Jassi is an angel but without wings. It is her character that will attract you most about her. Many people would say that characters like Jassi donít exist but I like to say people like Jassi do exist but only one out of every fine hundred people. By watching this show you get this feeling of assurance that yes there are people like Jassi. Jassi is not perfect but because she tries to be perfect she is perfect. Your heart will be made of stone if her dialogues that begin with "mere bebe khati" or "mere mamaji kahti hai" doesnít touch your heart. Jassi is a friend, a daughter, and a citizen every person or country would want. Her dedication to her family, friends, job & country is simply amazing. She has this very determined soul that will let nothing come in her way of dreams especially her looks. And her never-dieing spirit would make you wish " gee I wish I was like her"
Apurva Agnihotri As Arman Suri
The charming and sohiscated Armaan Suri is the one who stole Jassiís heart. As much as I hate him I will try to be fair with his character. He is Jassiís boss and the chairman of gulmohur. What does Jassi see in Armaan?The charming and sohiscated Armaan Suri is the one who stole Jassiís heart. As much as I hate him I will try to be fair with his character.
He is Jassiís boss and the chairman of gulmohur. What does Jassi see in Armaan?Well! Armaan has always made a good impression in front of Jassi because he doesnít want to lose the brain of Gulmohur. The guy definitely has brains but since it is used in all the wrong things like scheming how to bring back Jassi to gulmhur it hasnít come in any use. If only for once he could devote his mind to Gulmohur than he would really work things out without Jassi. He is a flirt,user,hot-tempered & selfish. Up till now the only things he cares about are gulmohur, his parent, Raj and his chairman seat. Also to keep Jassi in Gulmohur at all costs. In the end it is very surprising that he is like this because his parents are good and understanding. May be some day Armaan will change and realizes his mistakes but for now we have to accept him the way he is.
Virendra Saxena  As Balwant Walia
Billu is Jassiís father. He is just like any other dad protecting his daughter. If you were the only daughter of your family than you would find Billuís nature very similar to your dad in some way. He is a very optimistic and strong person. He will go to any limits to protect his daughter from anything because she is his joy of life.
One is always afraid of his biting tongue but everybody knows that he has a very good heart.Billu has always motivated and encouraged Jassi. Sometimes you find will see a glimpse of Billuínature in Jassi. She hasnít inherited her fatherís hot-temper though.
Surinder Kaur As Amrit
Sweet, kind & generous are the words that come to your mind when you think about Jassiís mom "Amrit". Her believe in God and religion is firm and straight from the heart. She is always worried about her daughterís marriage like a typical mother & Billu like a typical father encourages Jassi in her career but that doesnít mean that Jassiís mother is not supportive. Amrit is a good soul. Jassiís heart is just like her mother any blind person would see that.
Bebe is Jassi darling grandmother. Actually Bebe is more like a friend than a grandmother. Firstly because she advises and listens but never preach. Secondly bebe is young at heart. Jassi loves her and follow her advice. Bebe has always supported Jassi when her fatherís temper had come in her way. No wonder Jassi has blossom because of her loving and caring family.
Gaurav Gera As Nandu
Nandan Verma or more commonly known and introduced as "Nandu".He is Jassiís best friend. Both of them know wach other since childhood and are neighbours. Compared with Jassi Nandu seem a bit immature sometimes but sometime his wise advice and good judgment will startle you. He has always been a loyal and true friend.
Actually he is more like a brother Jassi never had. As far I know I donít see any chemistry between them and there never will be. He also has a major crush on Pari. You will love his caring attitude and his funny jokes. Nandu is a clown but with thick glasses. Sometimes his carelessness has led Jassi into trouble but Jassi has always forgiven him. Most of the day Nandu spend his day in Jassiís house (no surprise on that because of his weird mother) Her is also the finance manager of Kohinoor.
Parmeet Sethi As Raj
The tall and dashing Raj is Armaan left hand since Jassiís is his right. In other words he is Armaan best friend. He also got a good position in Gulmohur. Raj is also a flirt just like Armaan. He wants the best for his buddy. His loyalty towards Armaan is just amazing. When you really look carefully you will notice that Raj is running away from a family life. Just the idea of marriage and kids makes him sick. He is really a interesting character and everybody seems to like him even with his flirty ways.
Rakhshanda Khan As Malika
Malika the vice chairman of gulmohur and also the fiancť of Armaan. Malika really loves Armaan. I donít think so she is bad person but because of her insecurity towards the fact that Armaan is a flirt always led her to do some outrageous things. Mainly being rude to Jassi because she was jealous of her close relationship with Armaan.
She is also a very proud woman. She is also the sister of Aryan Seth. Malika has always supported Armaan through thick and thin. Once upon a time Armaan use to love her but because of her possessive nature Armaan always ran away from her.
 Vinay Jain  As Aryan
Armaanís worst enemy and his worst nightmare is Aryan. There is always a serious competition going on between them. They hate each other like anything. They are always trying to throw dirt over each otherís face. There fight is for Gulmohhurís chairmanís seat. He is sly and his character will remind you of a rotten evil weasel
Other cast: Samir Soni as Purab Mehera
Rajesh Khera as Maddy
Manini De as Pari
Shabnam Mishra as Maria
Jayanti Bhatia as Bindiya