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Telecast Date: Tuesday 27th, July 2004
Maddy wants to resign because Aryan has brainwashed him that in the new scheme of things, Maddy will have to share his position with a new designer. Raj and Jassi are in the eye of a new storm.. She sets out for home, trying to find a way out of the Maddy crisis- when she is faced by Purab! Before Purab says anything Jassi tells him that she is devoted to gulmohur and anybody who wants to poison me against my worship like work, is no friend of mine anyway. Purab leaves and is now set for a dharma yudh with Armaan. he has to get to the bottom of what it is that Armaan wants from jassi…..Later, she thinks what was it that went wrong with purab, how could he go this way. This sparks off a doubt in her regarding arman which diffuses when Armaan calls her. Jassi assures Armaan that Maddy crisis will be resolved very soon. At Gulmohur, Arundhati arrives and meets with jassi. Raj, Jassi and Arundhati start devising a plan for the store, but the need of the hour is to address the Maddy crisis, Arundhati offers her help!
Telecast Date: Monday 26th, July 2004
Jassi is excited about her first day at work, after Armaan has given his “heart and company” in her safe keeping. Armaan is away now and anxious to know if all is well and falling into place with jassi. Raj is there to assure him. But the assurances may well be thwarted by a very restless Purab who is all set to see Jassi and set the record straight. In his pursuit, however he is intercepted by Aryan and Aryan is keen to ally with Purab to take down Armaan. Purab is now open to Aryan’s help, but lets Aryan play into his hands. Raj spots Purab in Gulmohur and worries about why he is here….Jassi and Raj eager to get the store rolling, they come upon the Arundhati idea and Raj takes it upon himself to reinitiate her. Jassi pang ridden over Armaan’s absence and feels thrilled when he calls her. they are into giving assurances to each other, when the first Aryan generated (Purab motivated) crisis strikes- Maddy wants out
Telecast Date: Thursday 22nd, July 2004
Jassi is furious to see Purab. She tells him not to show his face again anf walks away. Purab calls Armaan tells him how much he has poisoned Jassi against him. Armaan challenges him to do whatever he can. Later, Armaan and Raj realise the intensity of the crisis and think of a solution to protect Jassi from Purab before Armaan leaves for Goa. Jassi tells Nandu about her meeting with Purab the day before. Nandu is enraged at the mention of Purab. Aryan informs Purab that Armaan will be off to Goa for a week and he will be in a better position to help him while Armaan is away. Armaan manages to meet Jassi in a restaurant. Armaan requests Jassi to understand the need of the hour and manages to buy some time from her to put things in order. Armaan tells Jassiu that while he is away she will have to take care of Gulmohur. Jassi smiles in reply.
Telecast Date: Wednesday 21st, July 2004
Jassi scared when Billu mentions about an article in the newspaper about the street fight last evening. He expresses his concerns about the increasing incidents of eve teasing in the city. Bebe accopanies Jassi as she steps out for the office. Purab meets Bebe in the market and tells her that he wants to clarify all the doubts Jassi has about him. Bebe supports him. On asking Armaan tells Mallika that he picked a fight with a cyle wala on his way to office. He gives stress to be the reason for his short temper. Mallika announces that they are going to Goa so that he can relax for a few days. Jassi overhears about Armaan's trip to Goa. Before Armaan can give any clarifications she walks away. He follows Jassi and is horrified to see Purab and Jassi together.