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'Fashion should be for everyone'
Television character Jasmeet 'Jassi' Walia, from the serial Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, has become a rage among children and adults alike. She plays the lead and is a huge hit, despite her oversized black glasses, braces and old-fashioned salwar-kameezes.
Jassi with Nigaar Khan

Jassi is played by Mona Singh, though this is a fact that has not been publicised; in fact, the channel on which the serial airs is yet to admit it. All her public appearances, even when she is not shooting, are made in character.

She was spotted at the Lakme India Fashion Week on April 30 with Nandan Verma alias Nandu, who plays her best friend in the serial.

Priya Ganapati caught up with Jassi for her take on fashion, beauty and the middle class girl.

What are you doing at the Lakme India Fashion Week?

I work for a fashion house called Gulmohar [in the serial, she is assistant to Armaan Suri (played by Apoorva Agnihotri), who is the chairman of the Gulmohar Fashion House], so I am here to check out the latest fashion trends and go back and tell Armaan Sir about it.

Do you think middle class girls can afford these kind of designer clothes?

Earlier, designer fashion was not for middle class girls. This time around though, I find that the rates are lower and the clothes have become very affordable.
So does that mean fashion is finally within the reach middle class girls?

Yes. It should be that way. The middle class should also get a chance to dress up. Fashion should be for everyone.

Middle class girls today are more fashion conscious. What, according to you, is the reason?

I think people are getting more curious about fashion and what it is all about because they read so much about it.

Do you have any designer outfits in your wardrobe?

Yes. I have a Ritu Kumar salwar kameez. It's a maroon coloured semi-bridal outfit and I like it a lot. Personally, I prefer wearing kurtis and patiala salwars.

Don't you ever get an inferiority complex watching all these beautiful models with such fabulous bodies?

No. I am happy as I am. I think beauty comes from inside. It's all about confidence. I am confident about who I am and I think everyone should be happy with what they have.

Why do you keep calling yourself Jassi even when you are not shooting?

I am always in the character. The character never goes out of me