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I have no identity crisis: Jassi
Her real name is Mona - but she has completely obliterated her own personality.To that extent, getting to talk to Jassi isn't easy. The makers of "Jassi Jaisi...Koi Nahin" hover anxiously around her to make sure she doesn't slip out of character even when the cameras are switched off.It's been six months since the soap went on air - and its popularity has only multiplied in the interim.

"At times I pinch myself. Is all this really happening to me? The character is so real, everyone has met a Jassi. People find it easy to relate with Jassi," says the talented actress in an interview.Jassi admits shooting around the clock for the same serial gets cumbersome at times.

"Sometimes I do pine for a break. I do get drained, and want to go for a holiday. But this is my chance to consolidate my position.

"Moreover, since my character and I are so alike, I don't have to make too much of an effort to be Jassi. In my free time I catch up with my close friends. I go out for dinner, or cook at home.

"I also get a soothing massage done by this elderly lady who is my Florence Nightingale at the end of the day."Jassi says she enjoys being recognized as Jassi in public places.

"I don't mind being known as Jassi. Like I said, she's so much like me. I live all alone in Mumbai - my parents visit once in a while - so my work is my pleasure and life."Isn't there an identity crisis? Jassi is well versed in fielding that one.

"No, no identity crisis!" she laughs as though she expected the question, then quickly changes the subject.

"The other day I had gone to my dentist. And he told me all the kids want braces like Jassi. Isn't that cute?"A lot of viewers feel Jassi has been taking too much trash from the people around her in the soap, specially her boss.

"That's because she has been taught by her parents and grandmother to be good to everyone, even if they're not being good to her.

"But now there's going to be a drastic change of attitude in her. She won't take any of this lying down any more.

"A changed Jassi will really make audiences sit and revaluate Jassi. She's going to assert herself with the boss.

"So far she's been living her life for others. Now it's her turn to live for herself. And now my boss Armaan (Apoorva Agnihotri) will woo me in right earnest. But Jassi won't get married in the near future. Let's see what the future has in store."

Within six months, Mona Singh alias Jassi has become a household name.

"I know. But one has to be very level headed in life. I know success istemporary. So I won't let it go to my head. When I started playing Jassi I never knew it would change my life so drastically. It was a big risk for all
of us. And by the grace of God, the gambit worked."

She admits playing Jassi has affected her.

"I was always very cool-headed. Now all of a sudden I get very hyper, just like Jassi. I keep telling myself: 'Hey it's happening to Jassi, not me.' But Jassi and I are the one and the same."