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TV's favourite secretary crowns real-life winner

NEW DELHI: Television's "miss perfect secretary" Jassi, of "Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin" fame, crowned the winner of the Secretary of the Year contest here.
In thick spectacles and her characteristic thick fringe, Jassi wore her emblematic toothy smile as she stepped on stage to crown the winner, amidst loud cheers on Saturday night at the Hotel Imperial.

In the contest, eight finalists had to make a speech on a topic given to them. The winner of the contest, Neena Sharma, works for GE Capital.

"We secretaries are the cog in the wheel of all multinational companies," said Jassi, who was dressed in a simple pink salwar kameez for the award ceremony.

"Since we are the ones who organise the work for the big boss, remind him of the itinerary and take care of his dealings, we are indispensable to the company," she said.

The hit serial "Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin", which premiered Sept 1, 2003, and airs on Sony Entertainment Television all weekdays, is a light satire centring on the life of Jasmeet Walia aka Jassi - a plain Jane working with a big fashion house.

Though Jassi's true identity has carefully been kept under wraps by the channel, the grapevine has it that she is the popular and pretty model Mona Singh, made to look like a geek to suit the role.

Singh is supposed to wear the same make-up and clothes as Jassi every time she makes a public appearance to keep her real identity a secret.

"Jassi was the ideal person to crown the winner," said Shirley Samuel, chairperson of the Indian Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals, who sponsored the award.

"Secretaries are the least noticed people everywhere and this award ceremony is to help build up their image